Crafting unique vacations

We understand that the perfect vacation is the right mix of magnificent destinations, human connections and unforgettable experiences that drag you out of your daily-routine and shape memories for the future.

For that reason, we are fully committed to offering a myriad of services, from home selection to the design of daily activities for you to share with your ones. In Island Homes, we take your vacation very seriously and we are striving to offer high attention to detail that your vacation deserves.

Let your imagination blossom and let us take care of the rest.

Our Uniqueness

Born and raised on the island, we grew up surrounded by the timeless serenity and beauty of the Mediterranean. As children, we would jump into crystal clear waters, explore secret rocks and caves and collect tiny treasures in the form of pine cones or pebbles. We experienced what seemed like endless summers, and felt safe, content and loved as we travelled through the seasons with our families, enjoying our local traditions, festivals and foods.

We want our childhood memories to inspire you today. We can take you back to a time when every wave and rock meant adventure; when picking lemons and making our own summer drinks was fun, and watching a sunset was magical. Simple, lasting, meaningful pleasures.

Our precious past and the unique sense of freedom and joy we carried into adulthood are now the building blocks of our company. We are passionate about Mallorca and want to share its beauty with you.
Let us help you find your little slice of paradise.

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